Premium Leather Sneakers for Kids

Arguably, one of the most important parts of a toddler’s outfit is their shoes. Besides the style factor, it is very important that they fit right and are solid because toddlers play and run around all the time. If their shoes are too tight, too loose, too narrow, or too wide can cause damage to the toddler’s feet which grow rapidly and it might even cause problems going into adulthood.

Because children’s feet grow so fast, you should get their feet measured every time you buy them new shoes, particularly school shoes, which they’ll most likely wear more than any other of their shoes. Research has shown that the average child will take about a million steps in their school shoes.

Also when it comes to kids shoes, durability matters. You don’t want your child’s shoes to be worn out before they grow out of them. Many parents choose to go for Premium Leather Sneakers for their kids. Just because the kids outgrow the shoes quickly does not mean you should buy something of low-quality.

Also when choosing shoes, think about how easy the shoes are to get on and off – it’s no good buying lace-up shoes for babies or toddlers as they take forever to get on and off, for instance, if they can’t even tie a bow confidently.

Many parents choose to buy shoes in bigger sizes for the kids to grow into but this is not a good idea as poorly fitting loose shoes can cause blisters and don’t support growing feet. Conversely, don’t take the attitude of waiting to buy your child a new pair until you absolutely have to as if the shoes are too tight it’s also a bad idea because shoes that are too tight can cause agony and can also cause foot deformities.

Because less than a third of children fit a regular size, consider shoe ranges with half sizes and different widths. Never go bigger for them to grow into. Until they’re four or five years old, children grow two full sizes a year on average and even after that, it works out about a shoe size every year.

When buying a shoe, think carefully about the particular stage of your child’s development i.e are they crawling, cruising, wobbly walking, confident walking, stomping toddlers or properly walking. They usually start properly walking around the age of three. Their shoes need to provide the right weight, support and flexibility to cope with the task at hand.

There are several shoe brands that offer good quality shoes and many new brands are hitting the market too giving parents lots of options in price and style. The best of these brands all stand out for different reasons but the one thing they all have in common is a commitment to producing well-thought through, child-focused shoes that are comfortable and long-lasting.


How to Style Premium Leather Sneakers for Boys

So you’ve got the perfect shoes for your kid but you still need to style the rest of the outfit and style them in a way that makes their shoes stand out and makes your kid or kids look sharply dressed. Follow some of the tips below to make the most of their style

Layer their clothes

Layering is a good way to make your kids looked dressed up. Layering is key and doesn’t be afraid to mix patterns when you layer. Of course, layering works best in cold weathers or during autumn, if you live in cities like London, Hamburg or Seattle where it’s always cool when you’ll always have the chance to layer. Otherwise, you have to wait until the Fall and Winter before you layer clothes else it’ll be too hot. If you live in Florida you might want to sit this one out. Also, you should move.

Take a Look at the Girl’s Section

And same goes for parents of girl shop at the boys’ section too. Don’t restrict your options to what the capitalist stores say is for boys or girls, you’ll be surprised how little thought is put into the distinction when they mass produce clothes. You are bound to find gems and lots of gender-neutral clothing for your baby boys

Play With Color

Boys clothing are sometimes just stuck in the whole blue and gray and sometimes green cycle. You can mix things up by adding bright colors. They are kids after all.

Use accessories

Make the most of  fashion accessories such as hats, belts, watches and of course their shoes too. You could also accessorize with headbands. In fact, I can’t gush enough about headbands as they are a gift to parents. Headbands are beautiful, easy to use and make a statement. Baby headbands come in different colors and options such as bows, flowers, colorful bonnets etc.

As with a lot of other baby accessories in recent years, baby headbands have picked up more interest. More people are talking about them and more people want them. Another way to make the most of the accessories and have fun is the process is through DIY. Get creative with items already in your child’s closet. If you’re the crafty type this will busy and if you’re not, a short youtube tutorial will go a long way.

You can repurpose items like tuning a denim dress into a skirt or repurposing a ribbon into a hand band. There are a plethora of ideas on Pinterest that you can play around with. And when you make an accessory yourself it becomes even more personal for you and your child and becomes a sentimental piece. If you have a toddler, you can involve them in the process too to get them excited about wearing the piece after they help make it.


While dressing up your kids especially toddlers, don’t forget to let their personality show and shine through. Kids can be quirky and at that age, they start to develop their own tastes and style preference. So every once in awhile you can let them take the driver’s seat in choosing what they want to wear. Some kids might want to be a princess for the day and that’s ok. Let them wear a tiara, carry a cane, wear a papa’s cap, or dress up like Spiderman. This will bring them joy and build up their confidence.

By November 13, 2017.    Premium Leather Sneakers